Wishing  Away the Pain

Down the Dark Hole

On a long hemp rope, tattered and frayed
A bucket hangs on constant display
Except for the times it descends down the well
Into darkened depths no light can dispel

With wooden crank to lower it down
Between moss covered walls below the ground
The bucket symbolic of dreams unfulfilled
Aspirations unrealized, lost sense of will

Empty of effort, weathered and cracked
It takes great strength to draw it back
The heaviness comes not from what is within
But from the weight of grief surrounding the rim

To the bottom and back, the cycle repeats
From darkness to light ever the feat
Once more must be gathered the strength and desire
To dwell in the present with all that transpires

On a long hemp rope, tattered and frayed
A bucket hangs on constant display
In its worn weathered wood a flower does bloom
The start of a garden once lost in the gloom

It takes but one seed for a bouquet to grow
Each blossom a wish that gently unfolds
The bucket symbolic of life and of hope
Held securely by dreams to the end of a rope

Donna wrote "Down the Dark Hole" while watching Jessica struggle with the aftermath of sexual assault. She was amazed by her daughter's strength and determination not to let this violent act define her life. "Down the Dark Hole" is a tribute to all women who have reclaimed their lives after suffering abuse.

Jessica and Donna would like to thank Sean Linton, Jr. for his visual representation of "Down the Dark Hole." Sean drew this sketch while a student at Wellington High School in Palm Beach County. He entered the military after graduation.
We hope Sean is rewarded for his kindness to us and that all his hopes for the future are realized.